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Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to CM
Lecture 1. System of Particles and Axis of Rotation Unlimited
Lecture 2. Centre of mass and System of particles Unlimited
Lecture 3. Numericals on Centre of mass and Centre Of Mass Unlimited
Chapter 7. MCQs On CM, Motion of CM and Linear Momentum 00:15:00
2. Moment of Intertia and MI of various bodies
Lecture 4. Moment of Inertia and System of particles Unlimited
Lecture 5. Parallel and Perpendicular Axis Theorem rotational Motion Unlimited
3. Concept of Torque and Angular Momentum
Lecture 6. Torque Couple of Forces Rotational Motion Unlimited
Lecture 7. Angular Momentum Rotational Motion Unlimited
4. Rolling Motion
Lecture 8. Power, Energy & Rolling Motion Rotational Motion Unlimited
Lecture 9. Rolling Motion On inclined Plane Rotational Motion Unlimited

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