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Course Curriculum

1. Lectures
Semiconductor Electronics , Semiconductors Classifications Unlimited
Band Theory of Solids , Band Theory Unlimited
Intrinsic Semiconductors ,Semiconductor Electronics Unlimited
| Extrinsic Semiconductors , p type ,n type and Semiconductors | Unlimited
pn junction ,p-n junction and Semiconductor Electronics | Unlimited
Diode ,Semiconductor Electronics Unlimited
Diode as Rectifier , Rectifier ,Semiconductor Electronics Unlimited
Zener Diode ,Voltage Regulator and Semiconductor Electronics Unlimited
Photodiode and Semiconductor Electronics Unlimited
LED and Light Emitting Diode Unlimited
Solar Cell Unlimited
Transistor and Transistor Basics Unlimited
Input Characteristics of a Transistor Unlimited
Current amplification factor Transistor Input resistance Unlimited
Cut off Stage, Active Stage, Saturation Stage and Transistor Unlimited
Amplifier, Transistor as a amplifier and Semiconductors Unlimited
Feedback Oscillator Transistor Circuit and Semiconductors Unlimited
Logic Gates OR Gate, AND Gate and NOT Gate Unlimited
Numericals Unlimited

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