In this course we will cover all topics related to this chapter as per NCERT and also other topics which are very important for overall preparations of Work and Energy.

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I Younis Khan here provided complete detailed lectures of Chapter 11 Work and Energy of Class 9. Students need not to buy any course from any other website. This Portal is a complete educational Portal with detailed lectures and online quizzes. So here all lectures and quizzes of this chapter is provided.   In this Course  I have provided following content:  
  1. Introduction, work, Work done by Constant force, Types of Work and Units of Work.
  2. Energy, Various forms of energy, Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Conservation of Mechanical Energy for freely falling body.
  3. Rate of Doing Work, Units of Power, Commercial unit of Energy.
  4. Numericals based on all above Concepts
  5. Online quizzes and assignments

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Younis Khan
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    • Work, Types of Work and Units 00:00:00
    • MCQs based Upon Work 00:20:00
    • Energy, Various Forms and Transformation 00:00:00
    • Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy and onservation of Mechanical Energy 00:00:00
    • MCQs Based Upon Energy 00:06:00
    • Power, Its Unit and Commercial Unit of Energy 00:00:00
    • MCQs based Upon Power 00:06:00


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